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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inmate 12004

Hello world!  A close friend of mine is blogging for as Inmate 12004.  He's in jail for 3 months because he recently got his 3rd DUI.  He's an alcoholic and is currently in recovery.  He's writing to shed some light on the transmale incarceration experience and to open up a dialogue around the issue of substance abuse in the queer community.

I think of OP as a really supportive community but there have already been a couple comments from epic DBags who have made some unfounded and spectacularly inaccurate assumptions about him.  Regardless, what Inmate 12004 needs right now is love and support, not d-baggery.  Are you a transguy?  Or an ally?  Have you or a loved one struggled with substance abuse?  Please take a minute to contribute something meaningful and kind to the discussion.

lots of love (sans d-baggery),

a somewhat saddened ladyface

p.s. I'll go back to being ridiculous on Sunday.  I promise.  xoxo

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