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Sunday, September 30, 2012

John School 101: How to Email a Ho

I get a lot of poorly written emails from potential clients.  Just this morning this was in my inbox: “hey baby, ur hot. Let’s skype.”  This is baffling to me.  I know the internet is the wild west of the sex industry but on the offchance that I’m a real human and that those pictures are really pictures of me wouldn’t you want to not blow that chance?  

It doesn’t even take that long to write a decent intro email and those extra three minutes of effort might just mean the difference between getting laid and getting blocked.  I looked for pre-existing resources but Emily Post is of no help on this subject, so in an effort to help the would-be-clients of the world get laid and pros not want to gouge their eyes out I've prepared a brief outline for writing a respectful, succinct, pertinent email to a ho.  It's based on the outline of a childs letter to a new penpal.
Really people, if this kid can do it, so can you. (and you don't even have to worry about breaking the pencil lead or referring back to a poster of the alphabet to make sure your Ns aren't backwards). 

Your initial email to a ho/pro should include:

-A bit about you and what you're into:
  I like nylons, sports cars, the color blue
-Fun facts!: 
  I love cockrings, I have herpes, I just made a sand castle
-Relevant questions for the ho/penpal:
  Do you do incall?  Do you do CBT?  Do you like the color blue?
-A nice sign off:
  I hope you’re doing well, I look forward to hearing from you, Hugs and Hi-C,

It should not include:

-Internet abbreviations
-Your autobiography

See?  Easy.  You're welcome.

*image from the North American Montessori Center